Legacy Projects

What is a Legacy Project


Legacy Projects are projects in the community that represent the culmination of learning and engagement by GenYYC participants over the course of the year and are tangible activities that demonstrate GenYYC’s commitment to building collaborative initiatives between the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Legacy projects can manifest in a number of different formats including:


  • Physical infrastructure pieces or spaces (Community garden, art installation etc.)
  • Renovating or refurbishing a community space
  • Pilot projects to develop new collaborative programs that address a service gap or augment existing services in community


Ways to get Involved


  • Project proposals – any GenYYC participant is invited and encouraged to submit a project proposal to apply for funding through the GenYYC Legacy Projects Grant
  • Legacy Projects Circle – participants are invited to be part of the Legacy Projects Circle – see Program Circle Description sheet for details
  • Legacy Projects Pitch Night – participants are invited to attend the Legacy Projects Pitch Night
  • Legacy Project support – direct support to assist with the execution of a funded GenYYC Legacy Project