Mission, Values & Purpose



To provide a uniquely immersive professional development experience for the next generation of leaders that supports better understanding of social issues impacting the city, encouraging progressive thinking about for-profit and non-profit collaboration, while providing leadership growth and networking opportunities.




  1. Support Diversity – GenYYC supports diversity in its participants, activities, and supporters in all areas including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, race, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, employment, industry, sector, community, etc. Diversity and inclusion are foundational pillars upon which this program is being built. This is a program that supports differences in thought and perspective and the belief that through sharing and listening we can support better understanding and collaboration between diverse groups of people.
  2. Support Accessibility –  GenYYC will endeavour to provide accommodation and assistance whenever possible, based on individual need, to ensure accessibility issues (physical or financial) do not become a barrier to inclusion.  An inability to financially contribute to the program should not preclude a qualified applicant from participating. Accommodations to support access to events and provide alternate means to participate – other than being physically present – should always be considered as part of program planning.
  3. Support Equality – All GenYYC participants and supporters are equal in the eyes of the program regardless of the industry, sector or community they come from and/or whether or not they have or have not accessed any accommodations or financial assistance, should that exist. All voices and perspectives shall be heard equally, and will be given equal opportunity to contribute. All ideas will be measured on merit through the process of Dynamic Governance and in with their alignment with the mandate and purpose of the program.




GenYYC exists to nourish a new, forward-thinking generation of young leaders who understand and employ a progressive leadership mindset in their organizations.


These young leaders believe in the responsibility of for-profit, non-profit and government organizations working together to support a vibrant, inclusive and diverse Calgary.