GenYYC Founders

Co-founded in 2017 by The Calgary Chamber and Calgary Foundation, these dynamic leaders came together to shape the GenYYC program. To co-create a vision for growing the next generation of engaged, thoughtful leaders – who have a deep desire to transform their organizations, their communities and their city.

Alex Putici

Casey Lapka

Chi Iliya-Ndule

Christopher Lloyd

Col Cseke

Corbin Bourree

Crystal Phillips

Deanna Williams

Gavin John

Heather Marshall

Heather Morigeau

Hyder Hassan

Joya Sauder

Julie Chen

Katie Smith

Katya Sodamin

Keagen Cave

Kylie Woods

Laurence Nguyen

Mariel Higuerey

Megan Kurcwal

Megan Thomson

Neale Carbert

Nicole Dawe

Nolan Mattias

Parveen Sidhu

Sarah Vandaiyar

Teigan Kopec

Zach Lyster